We had a great time at
Jubilee Fiddle Camp!
Watch for information about how to join us in 2022!


This year we have chosen Irish Fiddle.  Our selections include Polka, Mazurkas, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and Airs. We will play them in the following sets and we have arranged them especially for our camp:

Egan's Polka/The Little Diamond

John Doherty's Mazurka/Sonny's Mazurka

Dan The Cobbler/Random Notes

The Concertina Reel/Love At The Endings

The Reconciliation Reel/Hut on Staffin Island

Alexander's Hornpipe/The Greencastle Hornpipe

Si Beag Si Mor/Southwind

Music will be available after you register.

Which song do I play?

You will notice that the music is in more than one key!  That is so that if you want to play only with violin friends, or only viola friends or only cello friends, you can choose the key easiest for your instrument!  For Fiddle Camp, we have select the keys easiest for the group to play in, all instruments.  Please practice these keys (the fingering would be the same, just one string up or down):





Go to our YouTube page to listen to some of the songs! Our channel is "Suzuki Strings Cedar City"

Daily Schedule

We will stick closely to this schedule Monday through Thursday.  Come at the times listed to play and polish the songs listed.  On Friday, it will be one last spot check of songs and a BIG play-in day!  

SATURDAY is PERFORMANCE DAY at the Farmer's Market on Main St (by Bristlecone) from 9-noon.  You can play all three hours or just choose one hour that works best for your family.  We will have a sign-up.

9:00 Polkas

9:15 Mazurkas

9:30 Airs

9:45 Play-in

9:55 Break

10:00 Jigs

10:15 Reels

10:35 Hornpipes

10:50 Play-in

11:00 Dismiss

Campus Update: SUU is now "Mask Friendly."  Masks will be optional during Fiddle Camp.

We hope to see you there!